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Agency Services

Journey Model of Workforce Engagement

Research shows that workplace culture, employee engagement and transparency are key to being a top performing organization. These are nebulous concepts that everyone is talking about but few have figured out how to deliver upon. At Invested Traveler, we help you straddle both sides of workforce engagement — recruitment and retention of top talent that translates into increased productivity, collaboration and better financial outcomes. We offer a disciplined approach to help you create a better candidate experience that make top talent want to work for your company and play a role in its long-term success. Our customized meetings and incentives are designed to strengthen and enhance leadership capabilities, benefitting both the employee and company. We’ve coined this powerful solution the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement. The Journey Model is ideal for businesses:

  • Focused on having the best workplace culture
  • Post start-up /culture development phase
  • Expanding through M & A growth strategies
  • Proactive with M & A culture integration
  • Scaling for growth
  • Experiencing high turnover

The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement applies a forward-thinking approach to workforce development from leading Human Resources discipline experts with memorable events and unforgettable experiences to connect the dots between your business strategy and business success, including:

  • Recruitment Fairs
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Sales Rallies
  • Incentive travel
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Client Events

Agency Services

Event Design and Production

In an era where organizations continue to experience an erosion of brand loyalty, Invested Traveler helps you implement ROI-focused premium and personal branded events that help you strategically focus on keeping all that you have worked so hard to build – and more.


Each of our events is custom designed and produced to your goals, creative boundaries and budget. In addition to our event production team, we draw from our award-winning creatives who design attention-grabbing collateral, marketing and merchandising solutions, gracefully making things happen – quickly and beautifully.


We negotiate all of your vendors contracts to lower your costs, insurance riders to keep you protected and plan the entire guest experience — from the warm welcome to the fond farewell, to ensure your guests take delight in our fresh approach and one-of-a-kind moments that leave them wanting more.


Ready to translate events into to future revenue from audiences who champion your cause. We can help.

  • Festivals
  • Seminar series
  • Product launches
  • Sports tournaments
  • Non-profit galas and fundraisers

Agency Services

Meeting Placement and Facilitation Services

According to the Society of Incentive Travel, U.S. companies are spending over $325 billion annually in meetings and events. That’s up 23% in the last seven years. That means businesses realize the value of group think tanks to identify problems and solutions but that also means people are are vying for the limited number of available off-site properties to conduct these meetings. With Invested Traveler you get the best of both worlds. We manage the requests for proposal process and negotiate concessions that make the most of your valuable financial resources and time and provide meeting facilitators to help you get the most out of your team and the day.

Market Research and Venue Contract Negotiations:

Side-by-side comparison of sites that meet your needs and standards Competitive bid process management Vendor management

Meeting Planning Services:

Meeting coordination and fulfillment On-site logistics support Marketing and communications support Coordinate tours and team activities

Facilitation Services:

Helping make your meetings work more effectively with outcomes-based approach Plan, guide and manage group discussions to produce conclusions/solutions Objective and neutral group led discussions by expert facilitators

Facilitation Subject Matter Expertise

Culture unification and team building Business strategy and implementation Interdisciplinary and interpersonal communication Diversity and inclusion as a business strategy Leadership development

Agency Services

Group and Incentive Travel

Humans with close connections and personal relationships tend to thrive more than those who don’t have those close bonds. These relationships offer us friendship, validity, and support and are often nurtured with shared interests. That’s why your tribe of like-minded individuals are the perfect companions for group and affinity travel programs. Invested Traveler develops thoughtful, intentionally crafted experiences that allow you to spend quality time with the people that support the things you care about most – like your hobbies, college or university, fraternity or sorority or even your most valued clients and prospects. Whatever your interest (except those that don’t align with our values), we can help you plan an amazing experience, with fresh ideas and resources that support your group’s common goals. You’ll always receive the highest levels of personalized service while benefiting from cost savings from our global resources.  


  • Corporations and Private Businesses
  • Yoga Studios
  • Country Clubs
  • Family Office
  • Alumni Associations
  • Membership Organizations
  • Religious and spiritual organizations
  • Retirement communities

Agency Services

Hotel Revenue Management Solutions

Based on the conversations we have and sales behaviors we see, we’ve developed a new training programs that support current trends in business and growth strategies. Training Opportunity: What’s Your Game Plan: Winning with Government Contracts The Federal Government has a tremendous need for Facilities and Conference Services. In fact, the federal government has awarded over 100,000 contracts worth $677 million to the 721110 NAICS since 2017. While hotels are eager to book this revenue, they tend to do so merely by low-balling on pricing for a high-value product. The public-sector market is highly fragmented and there is no hotel with proven market leadership. Plus, with the recent changes to the SAM that may restrict your ability to go-to contract direct, increased risk with BPOs and competition for conference and meeting space, it all add up to confusion and mistakes that often times cost you time, money and employee disengagement. Training Opportunity: Increase Your Meetings and Events Revenue with a Focus on Women Entrepreneurs. According to research conducted by Hiscox insurance, women entrepreneurs have taken the reins in the business world over the last 15 years. The number of female-owned small businesses grew 1.5 times more than the overall national average for new ventures, with over 9 million female-led companies being reported in the U.S. during 2016. Women entrepreneurs run the gamut from small, home-based business owners to powerful chief executives of some of the world’s most notable companies. While women still face certain challenges on the road to entrepreneurship, they are invariably changing the game by creating new business models and new jobs, and ultimately helping to shape and grow the economy. Join Crystal Sargent, president of Invested Traveler for a customized webinar where you can learn how to:

  • Become the dominate player in the markets where you compete
  •  Find and be top of mind with your targeted contracting officers
  • Increase your number of meetings/events through the concept of Teaming
  • Avoid the common pricing pitfalls that limit meeting profitability

During the webinar, you’ll have time to address your property’s sales and marketing operation, so you walk away with tailored solutions that support your business goals and respect your constraints. Schedule your webinar today. $89/person. REGISTER

Agency Services

On-Site Childcare Service

Based on the increasing requests from corporate and government clients as well as event attendees, Invested Traveler provides on-site childcare services for children ages 6 months – 12 years. We developed our program with the mission to inspire creativity and fun in a safe and nurturing environment. We adhere to the strictest safety and security measures – ensuring all childcare providers are appropriately screened and tested and our leadership team participate in the same orientation training requirements as do commercial childcare provides. Plus, through the Department of Defense, we’ve satisfied the Level 1 Anti-Terrorism training, specifically designed for traveler safety as well as the OPSEC Security Awareness training for the Childcare Youth Program. Benefits of on-site childcare:

  • Increase conference or retreat attendance
  • Toys, games and activities are included in our services
  • Wristband registration process heightens safety measures

Whether you’re a DMC or a client whom we design and produce an event, incentive or group travel or negotiate your venue contract, you are welcome to request a quote for childcare service. Safety Protocols:

  • Health
  • Child safety
  • Outdoor safety
  • Food program
  • Provider interaction
  • Registration