April 15, 2017

Boosting Team and Company Growth

Culinary Concepts Catering invests in strategic incentive travel experience to boost team and company growth.

Culinary Concepts Catering, a San Diego-based premier catering company that focuses on meeting the event planning and culinary needs of wedding parties, corporate and non-profit clients and their catering to-go clients, believes that sharing food is a primary aspect of life’s social gatherings which connects us all through cultures, generations, experience and our sense of place.

Kathy Koenig, the owner of Culinary Concepts, has always believed in delivering innovative solutions to gain the loyalty of clients. Kathy has grown her business from a start-up to becoming a leading catering firm with annual revenues of $4 million. In order to maintain that strong momentum, the company needs to ensure operational stability, beginning with its workforce. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, she understands the hospitality industry is mired in higher employee turnover rates than other industries.

In an ever more competitive landscape, Culinary Concepts is focused on ensuring employee satisfaction to maintain operational stability and employee happiness to support the customer journey and revenue opportunities.

Invested Traveler™ took the time to learn about the company’s business and goals and brought forth the concept of the Journey Model of Workforce EngagementTM to help the company position itself with innovative recruitment and retention solutions to maintain peak performance.

Invested Traveler used the company’s beliefs about exceptional food to present workforce engagement journey experience opportunities that offer employees a unique experience unmatched by the competition that would:

  • Create innovative solutions that support the company’s recruitment and retention needs;
  • Bolster the sales team’s revenue growth results and increase the operations team efficiency to align with a superior  customer experience while;
  • Adding critical knowledge about emerging business and lifestyle trends in the epicurean business sector to help their team expand their advisory services with clients

To further her dedication to providing educational, epicurean experiences to her team, Koenig planned a trip to Southern Oregon wine country to give them a hands-on experience to learn about this burgeoning wine growing area.


Southern Oregon is fast becoming known as an attractive wine and culinary alternative to Washington State or even Napa Valley. With vineyards like Dancin’ and Red Lilly Vineyards, the Culinary Concepts team will be able to better understand, through instruction and experience, what differentiates Oregon grapes and soils from others – and, apply this new knowledge when they get home – to supplement their consultation with clients.

Kathy is also a world traveler. As the business owner she feels it is a privilege and obligation to care for her team. She is proud to be able to offer new experiences that will inspire her team to reach their fullest potential and give them an experience she would naturally choose for herself – through the Journey Model