Marketing Your Meetings and Incentives

At Invested Traveler, we help you straddle both sides of workforce engagement — recruitment and retention of top talent that translates into increased productivity, collaboration and better bottom line results.

Research shows that workplace culture and engagement are key to the process but are also nebulous concepts that everyone is talking about but few have figured out how to deliver upon.

At Invested Traveler, we offer a disciplined approach to help you reduce the time and cost of recruitment and provide solutions that make top talent want to work for your company and play a role in its long term success. Our customized meetings and incentives are designed to strengthen and enhance leadership capabilities, benefitting both the employee and company. We’ve coined this powerful solution the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement. 

Our Advantage

We have been building personal relationships with talent for close to 25 years, supporting them with sales and training tools and resources that help them market themselves which requires a high degree of trust and confidentiality. That’s what makes our ability to access talent credible – we already have those trusted relationships with people you want to get to know. We are able to access a wide pool of talent that fit your profile and can quickly narrow down to the 10 or 15 that meet your specific criteria. When we present you with a report card that shows why they are good fit, you’ll know they can back up what’s stated on the resume. And once you have  built a powerful team of top talent, our solutions help you keep them engaged in what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Recruitment Today

Things are definitely changing in the world of recruitment. Recruitment used to be like a marriage, but today comes across like online dating – swipe left if interested, swipe right if not. Although people truly like the benefits of technology, when it comes to the risks and rewards of making a career move, they still want to be courted.

We pride ourselves getting people just as excited about your company as you are about them. Our team makes your recruiting easier and more cost effective by understanding your current processes, pain points, wants and needs around implementing effective recruitment tools that support your brand and culture.

It All Starts with a Conversation

As marketing professionals, we understand the value of positioning a brand in the marketplace to compete for customers. We created the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement to help businesses adopt solutions to successfully compete for top talent while lowering the cost and time associated with recruitment and retention.

  • Personal relationships with top talent with proven performance
  • Marketing expertise to authentically convey your culture and competitive advantages
  • Engagement practices that gets people excited about your company and opportunity
  • Report card that enables us to quickly align talent with the needs of organization

Advisory Services

As leaders, you’re often challenged with internal constraints that may be distract you from your growth strategies. If you are looking to break down barriers and silos, connect the dots across departments and projects or introduce higher levels of transparency; or, if your company is evolving but some of your people aren’t, we can help. Our team will be with you every step of the way – helping you think outside of the box, with assessments of your recruitment efforts, tools and retention program to identify gaps and opportunities in shaping the team you want to build.

Meetings and Incentives

The key to achieving peak performance is engaging your employees in uniquely powerful ways – ways that take your team farther than they could have imagined. Invested Traveler takes you there with custom-curated corporate meetings and events that support your company’s strategic plan, delivers a fresh approach for rewarding your top performers, while helping you educate and inspire your team to reach their fullest potential.

Recruitment Fairs

In an improving economy, attracting top talent is just as critical to meeting your growth objectives as retention of top talent. The team at Invested Traveler has relationship with the right vendors and venues to easily design recruitment and networking events that allow your company’s brand to stand out and expedite connecting you to top talent. The faster the dots are connected to attracting talent that fit within your culture, you’ll benefit from reducing the financial burden while helping accelerate the topline with a more productive workforce.

Corporate Retreats and Workshops

The team at Invested Traveler is equipped to help make your company off-site welcoming, engaging and rewarding for all. Corporate off-sites help you forge better communications with your employees by sharing in the strategies that are driving the business forward and where you need to get the most out of your team. Whether the event is half-day, full-day, local destination or remote, everyone will walk away knowing what they can personally do to grow the company and achieve personal success. Because we understand the internal business demands and the need for increased productivity and engagement from a stable workforce, we are able to deliver better and valuable outcomes.

Client Events

Client entertainment can be a big part of cultivating new business relationships and strengthening existing ones. But if the old ways of reaching out to customers aren’t working as well as they once did and if your competition is at your heels, get out of the day-to-day approach of client entertainment and into a stimulating locale that enables you to build a much deeper personal connection. Invested Traveler develops thoughtful, intentionally crafted experiences that allow you to spend quality time with your most valued clients and prospects. It’s not just business development. It’s a way to make relationship cultivation more effective and prosperous.

Incentive Travel

Bonuses, raises and financial rewards will always have their place in business, but the positive emotions they evoke are short-lived by nature. And the recognition only goes as far as telling the spouse. More and more, people are valuing experiences over material objects and financial incentive. Imagine the word of mouth evangelism of your employees who are rewarded for their accomplishments in helping the company meet and exceed its goals.

Invested Traveler will help you formulate travel-inspired recruitment and sales incentives that deeply motivate your staff. Whether it’s a week of fine wine in Napa Valley, an exotic excursion overseas or a brilliantly simple “staycation,” implementing a travel rewards program can dramatically enhance your company culture. Travel encourages personal and professional growth, and rewarding top performers with an amazing experience will strengthen the employee to employer connection.

Incentive Gift Cards and Stationery

Recognition of employees can go a long way in motivating them to reach their fullest potential. Through Invested Traveler, you’re able to introduce our ‘You’re Going Places’ ® gift cards and executive stationery and note cards. Gift cards can be used at most retail stores like any other gift card but the message your employee will see each day is a reminder of their value to the organization.

Executives can also incorporate this stationery for personal notes to employees for everyday or special occasions like recognizing employee milestone.

The Journey Model is such a powerful tool that when we curate an event for your firm, we also apply our public relations and media expertise to share with the world your enviable culture and team that inspires and enables business success.

The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement includes:

  • Evaluation or development of your mission, vision and values statement
  • Event marketing and logistics support
  • Site selection
  • Vendor contracts and negotiations
  • Event hosts including registration
  • Photography, video production and digital look books
  • Coordination of team building resources and activities
  • Organized volunteering programs
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Social media pop-up stations that help promote your brand online
  • You’re Going Places ® keepsakes


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