March 15, 2017

Going Beyond Borders

DeNovo Scan goes beyond borders to develop expansion strategies for its business footprint and partnerships.

According to Harvard’s Business Review “a company’s most important asset isn’t raw materials, transportation systems, or political influence. It’s creative capital—simply put, an arsenal of creative thinkers whose ideas can be turned into valuable products and services. Creative employees pioneer new technologies, birth new industries, and power economic growth.”

That’s exactly the logic that business owner and entrepreneur Tina Clemmons, President and Founder, Certified Clinical Thermographer of DeNovo Scan, a clinical thermal imaging provider with three locations in Arizona, applied when she asked Invested Advisors to help her refine her corporate positioning strategies.

The Invested Advisors team heard all of Tina’s great ideas and concepts she had to grow her business but thought she may need to take a step back to move forward.

Tina was introduced to Invested Traveler with the goal to help her gain fresh perspective about her business from a completely new and different strategic and physical context.

Tina took flight to Rwanda thinking the landscape would provide her the solace she needed to rethink her business and how to achieve both short and long term goals. While the arid climate would be similar to that of Arizona, that’s where any familiarity ended for the business and medical industry entrepreneur. This also marked the end of her business as she currently knew it – and the start of an operation that was more aligned with her vision for the company.

While staying at the Villa Gorilla Lodge which overlooked the Rwandan Valley she had a rare encounter with the gorillas that call the valley home. This once in a lifetime experience gave her an epiphany about her business and what was the emotional experience clients had when interacting with her company and team. She didn’t have an answer but used the time to work on her business plan and address the customer experience and other pressing problems.

To solve the problem, she realized the need to invest in more modern technology and a physician business partner to read the scans –these changes were critical to her furthering her company as an industry-leader. She also came to the realization, that she and her current business partner had vastly different ideas about how to go forward and grow their business, while providing unparalleled service to their clients.

When Tina returned to the office she and her partner severed their business partnership which allowed Tina the freedom to seek more powerful business partnerships, and expand her footprint with a third location and serve even more clients. DeNovo Scan is well known and well respected in the market and is dedicated to nurturing the growth of the team she put in place to lead the newest location.

Today, Tina’s team can clearly articulate the type of experience they strive to deliver to each customer. And it all came to fruition with a strategic off-site.