Group and Affinity Travel Solutions

Humans thrive with close connections and personal relationships. These relationships offer us friendship, validity, and support. We often nurture these relationships based on shared interest. That’s why finding a community of like-minded individuals – your tribe – are the perfect companions for group and affinity travel programs.

Group travel is a great way to see new places and things while deepening relationships that are rooted in shared interests.

Invested Traveler develops thoughtful, intentionally crafted experiences that allow you to spend quality time with the people that support the things you support – like your alumni association, fraternity or sorority or even your most valued clients and prospects. Group travel is a way to make relationship cultivation more meaningful and prosperous.

Whatever your group’s interest, we can help you plan an amazing experience, with fresh ideas and resources that support your group’s common goals. You’ll always receive the highest levels of personalized service while benefitting from volume pricing.


Our Clients

Yoga Studios

Country Clubs

Family Office

Alumni Associations

Membership Organizations

Religious and spiritual organizations

Retirement communities

Most Popular Trademarked Tours and Programs

Yoga Retreats

Wellness is such an important aspect of overall health and vitality. We work with many yoga studios to plan retreats to Mexico, Hawaii and other top destinations. For the studio instructor, your costs are typically absorbed by the hotel and others operators benefitting from the business. That is just one more reason to host your clients on an inspired retreat.

Real Housewives

Have you ever wanted to go on a girlfriends trip to some of the destinations and hotels that the ladies of the Real Housewives visit? Let’s travel. Gather up your friends and let us help you curate an experience to Barcelona, Spain, Mexico or even San Francisco–but without all the drama!

Culture Club

We curate travel experiences to European destinations that combine private tours of museums and the greatest of Mediterranean and Nordic cuisine to ensure you experience the best travel experiences that expose you to authentic culture and foods while benefitting from walking tours to promote great health. Destinations to Greece, France, Italy and Denmark with all-inclusive, 4 star or better amenities.

Experiences that Change Y(our) World

For those ready to make an impact in the lives of others through focused and integrated philanthropy and volunteerism. We often times collaborate with family office staff in our planning. Destinations include Eastern and Western Caribbean islands and Latin America.


Take Your Team Farther.