Jumpstart your culture.
Increase your revenue.
Strengthen your relationships.

Invested Traveler is a unique solution incorporating effective strategies that bolster productivity while giving your team access to life-enhancing experiences that keep them deeply committed to the mission of your organization to drive business growth. Leveraging the business expertise of our advisors and our own life-changing travel experiences, Invested Traveler has developed a journey model of workforce engagement to help organizations align company incentives with your culture and best practices of top performing organizations.


Strategic Meetings, Conferences and Corporate Off-Sites

Reinvent the usual company retreat and rely on the experts at Invested Traveler to help make your company off-site welcoming, engaging and rewarding for all. Whether it’s a half-day, full-day or extended stay, we will work with your executive team to bring forth the top priorities of your business in a manner that makes employees want to be a part of the company’s plans. And we’ll further prepare participants with pre-event surveys that will help Management address your team’s most critical concerns and insights. Included in the Journey experience are inspiring activities and speakers to help spark creativity and innovation, which helps you get the most of your team.

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Curated Business Development Solutions

Client entertainment can be a big part of cultivating new business relationships and strengthening existing ones. But if the old ways of reaching out to customers aren’t working as well as they once did and if your competition is at your heels, get out of the day-to-day approach of client entertainment and into a stimulating locale that enables you to build a much deeper personal connection. Invested Traveler develops thoughtful, intentionally crafted experiences that allow you to spend quality time with your most valued clients and prospects. It’s not just business development; it’s a means of making relationship cultivation more effective and prosperous.

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Incentive Travel Solutions

Bonuses, raises and financial compensation will always have their place in business, but the positive emotions from financial compensation is short-lived by nature, and the recognition is typically limited. Invested Traveler will help you formulate travel-inspired recognition incentives designed to reward your top performers who are deeply engaged in the mission of the company with journey experiences that will last a lifetime.

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Scalable Solutions backed by Experience, Creativity and Innovation to Deliver Unforgettable Experiences

The Invested Traveler approach is tailored to the culture and sales cycle of your business and budget. As business experts, we know that ROI matters, and will work with you to align both your employee engagement and growth strategies with measurable results and outcomes necessary to maintain your momentum and position. When you meet with us, you’ll have the roadmap to help take your business and your team farther.

The Journey Model Process:

Every business has their own plan for success – and approach to get there. Our process enables you a point of entry that’s right for your business. We can help you through the entire process or just the aspects you need.

Listen and learn about your business goals and objectives

  • A comparison of your employee perks to top performing organizations
  • Cost benefit analysis to ensure the programs pencil out financially
  • Customized proposal that aligns with your goals and respects your constraints

 Apply integrated marketing, communications and event planning system

  • Thematic concept development and roll-out of Conference, Retreat or Sales campaign
  • Cloud-based survey solution to gather and analyze employee insights
  • App-based internal communications for higher engagement
  • Optional “You’re Going PlacesTM” presentation and keep sake
  • Complete event planning and logistics management

Curate the Journey Experience

  • Customized experience tailored to your goals and designed to inspire your team
  • Luxury-category accommodations with preferred price and reward points
  • Agenda formation and structuring of activities
  • Transportation services including arrival and departure care
  • On-site support from our certified event and meeting planners
  •  Risk management guidance and best practices for corporate travelers

Summarize key findings and recommendations:

  • Post event evaluation, metrics and analysis
  • Recommendations and resources specific to the business and key findings

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