Born With The Intention To Craft Experiences That Help Businesses Innovate

Like many great companies, our start also began with two friends contemplating life at a local watering hole. The conclusion: travel experiences give people a broader view of the world which expands the ability to innovate the business with creative concepts and solutions, because the mind is open to discovery and exploration.  After jotting down some ideas on a napkin, it came down to three names for the new business.  Those names were given to the other patrons, our focus group, and minutes later one name emerged and Invested Traveler was born. Name Tested. Bar Approved.

What was the purpose of the business? To apply our lifelong corporate experience in marketing and event planning with our passion for travel to help businesses solve the longstanding problem of workforce engagement, which we coined as the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement.

Understanding the cyclical nature of a business’ operation, we designed our model to support that continuum, offering:

  • Corporate Retreats where leaders can share in the strategy to get the team connected to what you are striving to build.
  • Client Events that give your team the tools they need to execute the plan and meet their goals.
  • Incentive Travel to recognize top performers in sales and service as well as a retention and recruitment tool for top talent.

Our differentiator would be strong relationships with vendors and venues backed by our team of senior graphic designers and event planners who would focus on helping our clients improve employee engagement by delivering experiences that increase collaboration, communication and team building.

Since organizing, we’ve always maintained that when the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement is introduced, employees have more confidence that you have their best interest in mind and are establishing a culture that inspires and enables winning, which only heightens engagement from your most valuable asset.

Invested Traveler

Invested Traveler™ helps organizations enhance employee engagement and staff development through The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement –including corporate retreats, performance management solutions and custom curated business development and travel incentive programs delivered through an integrated marketing, communications and event planning platform that leverages advanced technology applications.


When it comes to traveling abroad, sometimes you want to bring home more treasures than the airline allows. We help clients who participate in our curated experiences with logistics solutions in shipping and handling especially related to state and international borders which help ensure fast delivery of products that are received in the exceptional condition in which they were procured.

Invested Advisors

Our business advisory division that helps organizations harness the power of the digital, social and experiential economy by delivering critical outcomes that help them deepen stakeholder engagement. We specialize in aligning a company’s values with its marketing and communications and punctuate with highly effective visual and interactive brand assets, developing sales management and incentive programs as well as the internal and external communications that support the business. Our solutions are delivered automated and traditional marketing platforms, training programs and events. We offer exceptional strategic thinking, creativity and logic, backed by experience and relationships to foster results for Fortune 500 and small businesses.


  • Comprehensive branding and marketing services with multi-cultural strategies
  • Public relations and community engagement
  • Conference and event planning
  • Graphic design, videography and creative service
  • Market research, data gathering and analysis
For more information on these services visit the Invested Advisors website.