Experience, Creativity, and Innovation to Help Take Your Team Farther

Like many great companies, our start also began with two friends contemplating life, while sitting on a couple of barstools at a local watering hole. The conclusion: travel nourishes the soul and makes for happier, more productive lives because travel is a personal investment you make in yourself.  After jotting down some ideas on a napkin, it came down to three names for a new business.  Those names were given to the other patrons, as focus group research, and minutes later one name emerged and Invested Traveler was born. Name Tested. Bar Approved. What was the purpose of the business? To apply our lifelong corporate experience to help businesses solve the longstanding problem of workforce engagement which we coined as the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement.

In early 2016 the company organized, expanded the leadership team and built a robust platform that delivered these and more services through an advisory model and three primary divisions:

Invested Traveler

Invested Traveler™ helps organizations enhance employee engagement and staff development through The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement –including corporate retreats, performance management solutions and custom curated business development and travel incentive programs delivered through an integrated marketing, communications and event planning platform that leverages advanced technology applications.


When it comes to traveling abroad, sometimes you want to bring home more treasures than the airline allows. We help clients who participate in our curated experiences with logistics solutions in shipping and handling especially related to state and international borders which help ensure fast delivery of products that are received in the exceptional condition in which they were procured.

Invested Advisory Services

We provide strategies that help businesses improve revenue and earnings through corporate positioning, sales, marketing and branding, and communications counsel; strategies to help businesses operate more efficiently to improve the bottom line, and strategies that help businesses increase productivity through workforce engagement solutions. These solutions position our clients to realize growth and operational stability.

For more information on these services visit the Invested Advisors website.