Wine Blending Experience


(for 6 to 15 people)

Learn about wine and create your own unique blend!

Each wine has strong points  yet may be lacking something. By blending two or more wines together one can create a uniquely new wine that makes one wine better than each wine would be on their own.


Successful people enjoy learning – giving your most valued clients or prospects the knowledge to blend wine is a unique and fun way of engaging with them.

Koi Zen Cellars

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Add to cart between 6 and 15, depending on how many participants you will have.



Wine Blending Experience 

 $79 per person*

Successful people enjoy rich, learning experiences. Why not apply this knowledge and invite your most successful clients to enjoy time with you learning through a wine blending experience? It’s a great way to gain knowledge while spending time with your most valued clients or prospects. Alternatively, if your sales team uses meals and entertainment as a business development strategy, this experience can help your team build their skills and knowledge with finer aspects of entertainment.

*$79 per person, minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 participants.

Experience Highlights include

  • Private instruction on tasting, wine evaluation and basic blending
  • Bread, cheese charcuterie platter
  • 1 bottle of your blend with custom label

We are excited you have chosen the Wine Blending Experience. The base price is $79 per person  for between 6 and 15 participants. Questions? Please contact Lisa Miller at Koi Zen Cellars at (858) 381-2675; or at


Please tell us about you and your needs to enable us to exceed your expectations.


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