Personal Chef Tailored Service


Personal Chef Signature Service: $450* base price (for 5 people) + groceries.

Gather your clients or your team for an in-home, personal event!

Add to cart between 5 and 10, depending on how many participants you will have.



Personal Chef Tailored Service: $450* base price for 5 people + the cost of groceries.

Gather your clients or your team for an in-home, while your personal chef creates an unforgettable meal in your home! Let Dinner with a Chef sweat the details – you have some relationship building to do!

Dinner with a Chef

Entertaining at home telegraphs a powerful message about you and your company – it is a personal and effective way to deepen your relationship with your guests, particularly if they are from out-of-town. Maximize the opportunity by focusing on desired strategic outcomes, not in the ‘tactical’ dinner details. Let Dinner with a Chef sweat the dinner details – you need to focus on creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

The Tailored service is just that.. tailored. Your choices; your taste; your specifications; your way. With this service the value of receiving your customized menu is unrivaled. Tailored services created just for you and your guests means more time to develop the connections and relationships that will ultimately benefit your business.

* base price is $450 for 5 participants with a $90 charge per person for additional guests. The groceries are an additional cost, and are based on your input.


Experience Highlights include

  • 100% Customized Menu
  • Choice of Family Style or Plated Serving, with Allergy Accommodations
  • Personalized Printed Menus
  • The chef will Shop, Cook, Serve, & Clean
  • Server Included for 8 or More

We are excited you have chosen the Personal Chef Signature Service. The base price per person is $90 per person for a minimum of 5 and max of 10 participants + the cost of groceries. Questions? Please contact us at (800) 672-7560 x2; or at

Please tell us about you and your needs to enable us to exceed your expectations.


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