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Crystal Sargent

Featured in national publications including Bisnow and Forbes, Sargent has engaged audiences in U.S. and Europe,  including as guest lecturer at the entrepreneurs’ program at Roskilde University, where she addressed faculty and students and presented principles and rigors of entrepreneurship, the planning process of launching a business and entrepreneurial assumptions, policies and risks within the European Union affecting innovation. She was the opening speaker for and Accion’s Business Summit and a frequent speaker during Torrey Pines Bank’s annual leadership conference. Sargent has emceed the prestigious Top 40 Under 40 awards and served as an adjunct professor at University of San Diego’s Continuing Adult Education program. However, one of the most fun and rewarding speaking experiences was in her home town, speaking to the 7th and 8th graders at Tefft Middle School on the value of mindfulness and being of strong charter.

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Building a Culture that Inspires Winning Outcomes

How Businesses Can Improve Competitive Position

Chasing Life™

Drawing from her 25 years of experience matriculating the corporate ladder and after surviving one of the deadliest terror attacks in Europe, Sargent shares a harrowing and inspiring tale of survival with a new sense of purpose in business and life – and the inexplicable link between the two in her 45 minute Chasing Life talk. Sargent opens up about her greatest successes and failures and her personal journey of building a company that in spite of the terror attack experience, she had no hesitation in starting a travel-inspired business.  She walks the audience through the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement, the business model she created to help leaders harness the power of their team and establish a culture that promotes employee loyalty.