We work with the team’s business advisors on strategic corporate positioning as well as implementation of a travel rewards and recognition program that our staff and partners find very exciting and motivating!  Invested Traveler has given us an advantage over our competitors. We continue to count on the expertise of Invested Traveler and Invested Advisor to keep our marketing and rewards programs creative and fresh. ~Melissa Fazio, Director of Marketing


I’ve worked with the CEO of Invested Traveler for over 15 years while I was the Marketing Director of Harris Bank in Chicago. When my fiancé and I decided to bring all of our family and friends to Kalymnos, Greece for our wedding, the first call I made was to the team at Invested Traveler. I am grateful to be able to leverage their experience so I could tend to my fiancé, children and extended family. Their customer service is personal service and I entrust my business and family journeys to this team. ~Kathy Kaporis


I’ve worked my entire adult life and built an amazing career as a police officer for the County Sheriff.  As a retirement gift, my colleagues and husband turned to the team at Invested Traveler to design an especially curated travel experience for the trip of a lifetime in recognition of the lifetime of dedication I had given to my profession. While taking the train from my hotel room to attend a private behind the scenes tour, I just happened to look up and there it was – the Eiffel Tower. My heart leaped causing an undeniable sense of joy that overtook me. Every time I share my experience about my journey to France, that same sense of joy comes over me. ~ Yvette Williams