January 15, 2017

The Stats Are In

As a business leader, you need the right research and business trends to understand the big picture to help you make wise decisions. If you’re considering developing an incentive travel program, consider the Journey Model of Workforce EngagementTM and the top ten trends in incentive travel. The Journey Model of Workforce EngagementTM is our proprietary business model and the top ten trends are the findings from our own research as well as from other statisticians* within the incentive travel industry.

The stats are in, and the conclusions

are too powerful to ignore.

Companies with happy, engaged teams perform better—much better. Invested Traveler takes you there—with custom-curated travel experiences for your team that will educate and inspire

them to reach their fullest potential.

If it’s time to think out of the box, and beyond borders, invigorate your employees with rich experiences that can only come from expertly-crafted journeys to amazing locales, led by uniquely motivational people—taking your team, and your company, even farther.

At Invested Traveler, we coined our business practice as the Journey Model of Workforce Engagement. The Journey Model includes three core components that follow the linear progression of your business operation.


Core Components:

  1. Strategy Off-Sites – we help management build upon their strategic planning with journey-specific events delivered to the audience that can and wants to make an impact on the company –your employees. Gaining the team’s buy-in helps creates deeper engagement and support of the strategic plan. This support will be realized in their tactical execution.
  1. Tactical Execution via Business Development and Performance Management Tools –our team has curated special experiences designed to meet the needs of business development professionals with an array of proprietary, curated experiences that are memorable and exclusive—and developed with your most valued clients in mind to enhance their loyalty and advocacy.
  2. Incentive Travel Recognition – our team develops travel experience programs tied to your team’s peak performance for the personnel that has created the most powerful impact on the company’s performance. We also help our clients develop their sales and marketing program to bolster their financial results. 

Incentive Travel Trends: Invested Traveler Solutions

  1. Engagement and changing workforce – from the generational divide to recruitment and retention strategies, Invested Traveler provides our clients with strategic sales and marketing solutions with incentive travel reward and recognition program to bolster financial results.
  2. New roles for non-cash – after a certain point, money has diminishing value. The team at Invested Traveler can help you explore workforce engagement solutions beyond compensation.
  3. Larger budgets and oversight – although the economy does continue to improve and organizations are deploying pent up cash reserves for equipment, recruitment and other investments, but profitability continues to drive company decisions. Through our Invested Advisors divisions, our team is equipped to help you monetize and leverage your budget, regardless of size.
  4. Lead time and destination changes – incentive travel is becoming more ubiquitous in corporate America which requires better planning to differentiate and inspire. Although the current trend is remaining within North America and the Caribbean, Invested Traveler can help you with out of the box solutions for your incentive travel program and your company’s growth.
  5. Merchandise and gift cards show confidence of luxury – Not only can our team build programs that include merchandise and gift cards in the luxury category, we can show you how to build and align your brand in the luxury category to enhance brand enthusiasm.
  6. Technology extends reach – At Invested Traveler, we utilize mobile apps and cloud based solutions that help our clients garner analytical data around their workforce engagement and ideas to help grow the business.
  7. Social Good is good for engagement – Invested Traveler can help you create experiences that change Y(our) World TM including a developing an impact commitment for your business. So you’re not only creating personal experiences that changes a person, your business is creating an impact and leaving an indelible mark on the world.
  8. Authentic, unique experience is essential – the trends speaks for itself. If it feels corporate, we don’t do it. Our team is equipped at creating curated experiences for your employees as well as your top, most valued clients and prospective customers to bolster business results while increasing your customers’ advocacy and loyalty.
  9. Engagement is in the delivery –We can help you explore and introduce better ways to engage with your workforce beyond the use of email and company newsletters.
  10. Wellness is king – wellness travel is a $489 billion industry and expected to grow to over $679 billion by year’s end. Invested Traveler can help you incorporate various wellness components into your strategic corporate off-site or travel-inspired rewards program.

If you are ready to start your journey now, we’re ready to help. Start Your Journey 

*IRF and Global Wellness Institute