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and the conclusions are too powerful to ignore. 

Companies with happy, engaged teams perform better—much better.  The key to achieving peak performance is engaging your employees in uniquely powerful ways – ways that take your team farther than they could have imagined.

Invested Traveler takes you there—with custom-curated travel experiences that support the development and execution of your company’s strategic plan and rewarding your top performers while helping you educate and inspire your team to reach their fullest potential.

It’s time to think out of the box, and beyond borders. Invigorate your employees with rich experiences that can ignite creativity and innovation for your business.

IMPACT COMMITMENT – With our love of the world, our team also wants to leave an indelible mark on it, that’s why as global citizens we are proud to donate a portion of our profits to Doctors Without Borders and traveling nurses programs. These caregivers are at their best when their patients are at their worst. Whether that’s right here at home or a world away during a crisis or epidemic, by working with us, our clients are contributing to helping to improve the lives of thousands of people.

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Keeping Your Employees Engaged Makes Good Business Sense!

To Avoid the Extraordinary Costs of Turnover, Employee Engagement is Critical. Employee engagement is a key factor for success because it is clear that people create business value. Need convincing? Consider that “a software company with 1,000 employees and few physical assets can be worth billions of dollars.” If you accept that people create business…

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Invested Traveler Launches The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement

Invested Traveler™, a new division of Invested Advisors, Inc., has just launched its’ custom-curated incentive destination management travel program coined The Journey Model of Workforce Engagement. The division was developed to help companies attract highly-qualified top talent, increase employee retention and productivity, and reward top performers. These are all key factors known to improve workforce engagement,…

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Boosting Team and Company Growth

Culinary Concepts Catering invests in strategic incentive travel experience to boost team and company growth. Culinary Concepts Catering, a San Diego-based premier catering company that focuses on meeting the event planning and culinary needs of wedding parties, corporate and non-profit clients and their catering to-go clients, believes that sharing food is a primary aspect of…

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